Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are long-life, durable solutions, resulting in fewer replacement and repair cycles and related costs, and fewer resources, energy and raw materials used over time

  • Concrete lasts three to five times longer than asphalt and eliminates the need for frequent seal coats and pothole repairs, improving your bottom line.
  • Bogh Engineering economical concrete overlays look more attractive than asphalt and stay cooler in Southern California’s hot weather, cutting your energy costs by absorbing less heat and reducing air-conditioning needs in nearby buildings.
  • The brighter concrete surface also better reflects nighttime lighting, which improves customer safety and trims your lighting costs.
  • Concrete is a Green Solution. The state of California offers taxes credits to property owners who take initiative with Green Sustainability. Credits are available for those whose property performs well in Energy Efficiency (Strategic Solar/Energy techniques) and Water Solutions.

 Before and After Photos (Orange Lutheran Parking Lot)





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